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skis between 90 and 100 mm waist widths

Best All Mountain Womens Skis of 2016 (90-99mm Wide)

Looking for a wider ski? Roughly 90-99 mm wide under foot? Check out these awesome all mountain skis that will take you from groomers to powder days like nobody’s business.

Best All Mountain Skis of 2016 90-99mm Wide

Whether you need your 1st pair or your 10th pair, everyone needs a 90-ish mm ski in their quiver. Check out this list of 90-99mm wide all mountain skis and let us know which ones have your wallet calling.

Best All Mountain Skis around 90mm Waist for 2015

We love to see people on the right gear. If you are looking for an all mountain ski that’s holding a waist width around 90mm, this is a great place to start. Check out our top picks and let us…

Best All Mountain Skis Under 100mm Last of 2015

Looking for that all mountain ski with an emphasis on groomers to glades, powder and backcountry as a whole? This list is a great place to start. Check out the videos, read the descriptions and see which one of these…

Best True Twin Tip Skis of 2015

There are twin tip skis and then there are true symetrical twin tip skis. They’re the same width in the shovel as they are in the tail. This allows them to ski just as well backwards as they do forwards….

Best All Mountain Twin Tip Skis of 2015

Skis that have a wider shovel than tail are usually the first indication of a great all mountain ski that you can take from the park to the trees and everywhere in between. Some of these are described as intermediate…